10MILA 2024 | Training areas

We currently offer five different areas.


To order the training packages, fill in this form.

For questions about ordering, contact Björn Julander, bjorn@julander.net, +46 705 41 42 09.

Details of each area below.

As the customer, you state your name, e-mail address to receive the map file, billing address with an e-mail address and how many copies of each map you plan to print.

We invoice SEK 75 each for ordered maps.

When we have received your order, we will send the map(s) as a pdf by e-mail.

We also want you to specify the period during you intend to use the courses, because of reporting to landowners.

If you change your plans after ordering maps, you must inform us via info@hellasorientering.se. This applies to both the number of prints and the time.

Several of the courses provided are forked. We are grateful if you spread out on the various fork options in order to reduce the load on individual tracks.

The controls are marked with reflectors, red and white tape and a label with the logo of 10mila.

Training areas

Area 1

Kvarnsjön-Ådran, https://www.omaps.net/se?id=61549

Open until April 10.

Scale 1:10 000, contour interval 5m.

Parking along Ebbadalsvägen is marked on the map.

Courses A1 and A2, forked with each other, 4.5 km

Courses B1 and B2, forked with each other, 9.5 km

Course C1 and C2, forked with each other and with B1/B2, 9.0 km, but with a different starting point and a different finish. Parking close to Kvarnsjön, marked on the map.

Example image from training area 1:

Area 2

Linneaberg, https://www.omaps.net/se?id=52201

Open daytime only until May 5.

Scale 1:10 000, contour interval 4m.

Parking at Linneaberg marked on the map, 20-30 spaces. If necessary along the road towards Linneaberg – think about accessibility.

The courses Long1 and Long2 are forked with each other, 10.5 km are available for printing as A3 but also as 2 pcs. overlapping A4s.

The courses Short1 and Short2 are forked with each other, 5.3 km, printed as A4.

Example image from training area 2:

Area 3

Svartbäcken, https://www.omaps.net/se?id=61227

Closed 15/3.

Scale 1:10 000, contour interval 4m.

Two long courses, 7.8km and 7.9km available and two middle distance courses 5.2km and 5.5km respectively. There is also an interval course, 5.9km as well as two shorter youth courses 3.1km.

Area 4

Mörtsjön, https://www.omaps.net/se?id=61552

Scale 1:10 000, contour interval 5m.

Open until 5 May 2024

Two long courses, each 8.8km, two middle distance courses, both 5.4km and interval courses, 5.4km.

Area 5


Open 25 march – 5 maj

Map: Cut from Lövhagen

Scale 1:10 000, contour interval 5 m

Courses mainly for middle distance with at lease one longer control with multiple possible paths.

Three black courses; 3,3 km, 5,2 km and 6,5 km. 

One orange course, 3,4 km.

Track set by: Fredrik Hedin, Tiomilas course team.

Map by: Roger Åsberg

Park at Lövhagen café.

Area 6


Open until 5 May 2024

Scale 1:10 000, contour interval 5m.

Forked courses, long 7km, short 4.9km

Are you looking for accommodation for a training camp?

Rent Hellas club house Granby at training area 2, and close to training areas 1, 3 and 4.

Up to 20 beds and fully equipped kitchen.

Read more and book here! https://www.hellasorientering.se/klubbstugan/